The Importance of Fatherhood in Nigerian Society

A father in Nigeria takes on a traditional role when it comes to being a father, disciplining the children and providing food and money in order to help their family survive and thrive.

In their society, if the birth father is not around in the country of Nigeria it truly devastates the family as well as the Nigerian community and society as a whole.  The father’s responsibility in Nigeria is to be the pillar for the family, ensuring that order is established.  In Nigerian culture becoming a father is a great honor.

The father’s role is to teach the significance of learning and education to their children and instill the importance of working hard in order to survive.  In the Nigerian culture fathers must teach their son’s the importance of family structure so that when they become father’s their traditions and culture are not lost.

Without a father figure, Nigerian women and children are more likely to be in poverty and experience greater hardships.  In Nigeria the father takes care of his family and if a man is not the biological father of children (if the biological father dies) then the new father will assume the biological father’s role.

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